Memex #001

Designed in 1945, Constructed in 2014

memex Life magazine illustration

At the end of World War II, Dr. Vannevar Bush published "As We May Think", a short article which inspired inventors to create personal computers, the internet, and the web.

In that article, he described an automated desk called a "memex" which provided fantastic abilities never before seen or even imagined.

Sadly, Vannevar Bush's memex was far beyond what the analog technologies of 1945 could enable so it remained just a fantasy.

Lost secrets, revealed!

The father/daughter team of Trevor F. Smith and Sparks Webb have gathered all available documentation about the memex and carefully fabricated the Memex #001 to match Dr. Bush's specifications.

From the period wood to the click of the buttons, this machine feels like it was built 70 years ago.

The internal camera captures documents and the two screens display the hypertext trails which made the memex famous. The buttons and lever on the custom built control panel provide the user experience that Dr. Bush would have had in 1945.

Trevor and Sparks Trevor and Sparks

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