Update: This is still a handy reference but you might be interested in the new wider web section of the PotassiumES site.

People sling around a lot of lingo when talking about the wider web, and even the term "wider web" is lingo!

So, I wrote a series of short posts defining words and phrases.

This post defines the wildest, widest term of them all:

The wider web is a near future web that responsively supports:

The links in the definition above have more information about each aspect of the wider web.

One somewhat subtle aspect of the name "wider web" is that we're opening our arms wider to welcome more people. People with different abilities. People with different attitudes (except fascism). People with different wants and needs.

Here's a handy infographic that I made with my very own eternal newbie hands:

Wider web infographic with display modes and new input types

If you're interested in making the wider web then you might be interested in this post about PotassiumES, a wider web app framework.