There's a lot of lingo around the wider web so this is one of a series of short definition posts.

Overlay controls: Visual elements that seem to sit on top of a portal display

Overlay controls on the wider web float over the real or virtual environment that you see in portal displays. They can be two dimensional like a button or they can be three dimensional and react to the environment.

For example, you might have an overlay control that seems to float on the surface of your mobile phone in portal display mode but changes color when it is over a real item like a chair or a boat.

Overlay controls are one of the three types of controls on the wider web. In the "Overlays Controls" section of the image below, the overlay controls are the title, "PotassiumES", the "Home | About" toggle switch, and the "Exit AR" button:

Wider web control types

The other two types of controls are page and spatial.