There's a lot of lingo around the wider web (which is itself lingo) so this is one of a series of short definition posts.

Wand: A handheld device with tracked orientation and position, often with touchpads, thumbsticks, buttons, or other controls.

Wands are one of the three new input types on the wider web:

Wider web input types

The other input types are gestures and voices.

Let's pick apart that definition:

A handheld device with tracked orientation and position...

Just like a fantasy wand, things happen when you wave around a wider web wand. You wider web browser knows what direction you're pointing the wand as well as where it is in space.

...often with touchpads, thumbsticks, buttons or other controls

Some wands have just one touchpad under your thumb and some are covered in buttons and other clicky controls. Choose wisely!