There's a lot of lingo around the wider web so this is one of a series of short definition posts.

More hugs, fewer thugs

The wider web is inherently more intimate than the flat web that you hold in your hand or that sits on your desk. Especially on immersive displays where the experience can be literally in your face, the potential is huge for abuse and harassment that can lead to real and permanent emotional damage to you and those you love.

It took us a few decades of the flat web to learn how to handle abuse and harassment and it's clear that wider web experiences must include management and moderation tools. If we fail to build in these tools then we've failed to build the wider web.

Software is political

Tools for the wider web must drop the pretense that their design decisions are neutral and not political. This has never been true and this stance has led to grand failures like the trashfire cultures of Twitter and Facebook.

PotassiumES, an app framework for the wider web, specifically excludes fascists in its code of conduct:

"If you are are obsessed with community decline, humiliation, victimhood, unity, or purity then you are in violation of this code of conduct.

If you propose the abandonment of democratic liberties for redemptive violence, internal cleansing, or expansion without ethical or legal restraint then you are in violation of this code of conduct."

I took that definition of fascism (mildly tweaked) from Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.