Hello, I'm Trevor.

I'm an engineer and technical leader who helps startups turn napkin sketches into products. I have 20+ years of experience taking pies in the sky and turning them into birds in the hand.

I also write articles and fiction about identity and culture.

Examples of my projects and publications are here for your enjoyment, and if you'd like to discuss consulting or speaking engagements then head over to the contact page.


One Hour Fiction: The Panelist

The pounding in my head is in sync with the ticking of the escalator steps as they rise from the netherworld of the convention center's floor. I pull a smile from memory and ignore the sweat in my eyebrows. So many happy attendees, clipping ...

Agreements: Fuel for the Engine of Business

The first person I watched run a company was Bly, the owner of a computer sales and service shop in Athens, Georgia. She gave me, a painfully young and skinny townie kid, a steady job troubleshooting PCs. I hung around her store for a few ...

What I hope Amazon is doing in secret

Last weekend I had coffee at the wonderful Uptown Espresso with a friend from a nearby Amazon office. I write "a" nearby office because he's working on a multi-year project so secret that he can't even tell people which building he's in ...

Top 5 opportunities for growth in software

I am a software engineering newbie. I thought that I knew a lot about it after I coded my first BASIC program on a TRS-100 way back in the before time, but now I see that the creation of software is a vast landscape of ...

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