PotassiumES Devlog #3

Using Three.js to build a reusable border geometry for spatial UIs!

PotassiumES Devlog #2

🌸 Updated potassium style system (KSS), now with margins!
🌸 The path to the vNext
🌸 A couple of new spatial controls

PotassiumES Devlog #1

🌸 A brief intro to the existing samples
🌸 Building UI components that work in flat, portal, and immersive display modes

What is PotassiumES?

Update: This is still a handy reference but you might be interested in the new PotassiumES site.

This is a post about PotassiumES, an ECMAScript library that enables browser-side development for the wider web. If you're not sure about the wider web, click that ...

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